Family Consultations

 At Central Street staff are available to speak briefly to families most evenings after school (except Tuesdays when we have staff meetings). Families are also welcome to come into school and look at the classrooms.

We hold termly family consultations where you can book an appointment to discuss your child's well-being and development in more detail.


"Thank you for bringing the best out of L this year. Her report was a pleasure to read. I am very proud of her!"


"It was so lovely to see H's progress and how well he's doing in a report which also very much reflects what I know of him as a mother. He has had a wonderful year in Reception with fantastic teachers."


 "We are really pleased with L's progress this year. She loves school and all of the staff. The staff are also very approachable and have been really helpful when dealing with any minor issues raised throughout the year."


"It's great to see how clearly P is doing and where we can support her further. She loves school and develops skills learned there at home well."